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rack modifications for 20" Bikes

There are two considerations for fitting 20″ bikes to vertical bike racks:

  1. The shorter 20″ wheel base.
  2. Front wheel cradle for 20″ wheels.

They are explained in greater detail below.

1) The Shorter 20” Wheel Base Option

There are two options available:

Option 1 – 20″ Rear Wheel Bracket

Attaches to the rear bar of any RFS vertical bike rack, allowing shorter wheelbase bikes to be secured.

Option 2 – 20″ – 29″ Rack Modification

The entire rear bar of the rack is raised and the rope fastening system modified to suit wheelbases of 20” to 29” bikes.

The standard rope fastening system has a tied loop with enough throw to cater for small 24″ bikes to x-large 29″ bikes.

The modified rope fastening system is tied back to the rear wheel bar to allow both 20″ bikes & x-large 29″ bikes to be fastened. See diagrams below.

Single Trail
2) Front Wheel Cradle for 20” Wheels

Our standard wheel baskets are deeper than many on the market, this allows for more of the wheel to be captured and secured. With 20” wheels, the front forks can foul against the wheel basket, to prevent this from happening while providing a secure fit, we use padding kits made out of roof rack protection foam.

20” padding kits along with our rope fastening system create a secure and safe way to carry smaller bikes.

Rack modifications for Road Bikes

We have tested a number of options for carrying road bikes in vertical bike racks. Rigid solutions that rely on the front wheels can cause damage to rims, for this reason we have chosen a simple and effective solution where the front wheels rest on roof rack padding and the bikes are secured in place using the rope fastening system.