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Will it fit my car? Including spare wheels and canopies?

The RFS range of bike backs are designed to be used in all vehicles with a 50mm hitch. There are a number of additional considerations when checking fitment - including down weight capacity of your towbar and anything mounted to the rear of your vehicle. Use our Check My Fit guide to ensure you get the right rack to suit your vehicle.

Check My Fit Down Weight Calculator

Can I open my car boot with the rack on?

Yes it's possible to access your car boot with our racks fully loaded. We have a variety of access possibilities depending on the rack model you select. Some racks offer access via a foot pedal pivot and others offer a full swing away.

See our rack comparison chart for more information on the boot accessibility for each rack model.

What rack suits me?

There are a few important considerations when considering a vertical bike rack. The following is what we believe are the most important to consider when choosing a rack:

  • How many bikes - All our range are available in 2 - 6 bike capacity.
  • Loading Style - Lift up or roll up loading - For more information view our rack comparison chart.
  • Access Requirements - Easy boot access is an important consideration when choosing a rack. Spending large amounts of time undoing bolts or removing racks to get access to cargo can make all the difference to a seamless trail run.
  • Bike Sizes - All of our racks can take bikes with wheel sizes from 24” to 29” with a 30kg max weight. There are options available to carry road bikes, 20” BMX and kids bikes.
  • Compare all our racks here.
  • Once you have chosen a rack - check how it fits your vehicle.
How do I install my rack?

RFS Racks - Refer to our installation video on YouTube.

Super RFS - Follow EZ RFS Video & Refer to Additional Instructions.

SL Racks - Refer to Instructions.

Where can I buy your racks?

You can buy our full range of bike racks online - visit our online shop.

You can also visit one of our dealers. Visit our stockist page to find your nearest dealer.

I’m a wholesaler, do you offer wholesale prices?

We are keen on working with local retailers, if you are interested in becoming a retailer, head over to our registration page or get in touch on 0499 313 880.

What is the warranty on your racks?

We have always backed the products we’ve designed, manufactured, and sold, and we want our customers to be confident that they are purchasing a quality Australian product and will be supported for the life of it’s use.

The Single Trail for Life is a limited lifetime warranty on the structure of each Single Trail rack and swing arm to the original purchaser, this includes the rope in our rope fastening systems.

Read more about our limited lifetime warranty here.

Can I get spare parts for my rack?

We manufacture our racks in house and have all spare parts available for our racks.

In the event of accidental damage we provide significant discounts on parts to ensure your rack is usable again, get in touch with sales@single-trail.com to request spare parts.

Can I transport road bikes?

Yes, our racks need to be modified slightly to protect your road bike.

Read more about our rack modifications for road bikes here.

Can I transport 20” BMX and kids bikes?

All our racks have the option to transport 20” bikes, there are two options available:

  1. When purchasing your rack, add the 20” option to modify your rack to expand the bike size carry capacity to 20” to 29” bikes.
  2. Purchase the 20” rear wheel bracket - to allow you to carry a single 20” bike on any of our standard racks.

Note: When using either option to carry a 20” bike you will need a 20” Padding Kit for each front wheel basket.

For more information view our rack modifications page for 20" bikes.

Will it fit in my garage?

All dimension drawings are taken from the hitch pin. You can use this information to check if you will be able to drive into your garage with the rack on the vehicle.

When storing the rack in the garage stand, use the dimensions of the rack and the hitch pin location of the garage stand when sitting against a wall:

    • 120mm off the wall
    • 175mm off the ground
How many e-bikes can I load?

All of the Single Trail racks can take 30kg bikes in each basket and a total weight not exceeding 150kg. That means a 4 bike rack can take four (4) 30kg E-Bikes and a 6 bike rack can take six (6) 25kg E-Bikes or a combination of 30kg E-Bikes and lighter bikes.

Can Single Trail racks be mounted on caravans?

All of our racks require a 50mm hitch mount. These can be installed at the rear or draw bar of many caravans and trailers. To ensure the rack will work with your set up we suggest using the  down weight calculator.

My standard 5/8 Hitch Pin Doesn't Fit

The RFS Rack range is supplied with a 1/2 Inch Hitch Pin, this is so the anti-wobble mechanism has enough throw to work within the tongue tube. 


1/2 Inch Locking Hitch pins are available in our accessories.

Note: Hitch pins are not required to be tight in your hitch, they are a safety mechanism only.  The anti-wobble mechanism will take up any slack in your hitch.

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